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Modular and Prefab Buildings

Telecommunication Shelters

Why risk hundreds of thousands of dollars of mission critical equipment in a garden shed?
Our modular buildings are prefabricated for the specifi c purpose of protecting the equipment required to effi ciently operate communication towers and P25 repeater sites. Combining prefabrication with repetitive production of similar buildings allows us to signifi cantly increase quality while reducing costs.
Our buildings are designed to ensure the equipment effi ciently operates in the harshest of environments – North of 60 or at the Equator. They are earthquake and hurricane rated. They are extremely energy effi cient and our building envelope is insect and rodent resistant.
We preinstall all electrical and mechanical systems, including generators, fuel storage tanks, UPS systems, hot swappable battery systems, alarmed automatic transfer switches and everything your project requires for immediate service in the most remote of locations.
Whether your building is going on top of a remote mountain or on top of a downtown high-rise, our logistics management team can get it safely in place on time and on budget.
Our fabrication facilities are 90 minutes from the Port of Halifax, enabling economic shipping to the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America.




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