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Modular and Prefab Buildings

Electrical Utility Buildings

Having your electrical utility buildings prefabricated with all electrical and mechanical systems preinstalled will significantly reduce your project timeline.

We understand large and medium scale electrical projects, both traditional and renewable energy generation, require stringent quality control, safe work practices and diligent reporting procedures.
Our modular buildings are prefabricated in the controlled environment of an ISO 9001:2008 facility. This greatly increases quality control, decreases project costs and significantly reduces your projects man hours on site.
The buildings can be secured to foundations, sono-tubes, screw piles and most other systems. We can also ship the buildings without a fl oor and secure the walls to a cement pad. Either way, the building is immediately ready for connection to your sites specific power source and be placed into service.
Our building system provides the following advantages:

• Faster construction

• Reduced labour costs

• Increased energy effi ciency

• Virtually no on-site waste

• Safer worksite

• Can contribute to LEED credits

Our modular building design will allow as many transportable units to be joined together as your site can accommodate, and future expansion of the building can seamlessly be integrated into your project.
In addition to your building, we can provide custom designed stairs and platforms for the buildings, as well as the structural and miscellaneous steel for your substations.




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