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Modular and Prefab Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Significantly reducing the operating costs of larger buildings has a big impact on your bottom line.

Having major components of your building fabricated in the controlled environment of an indoor facility, not only increases project efficiency, it signifi cantly increases quality control. This reduces operating costs as after installation maintenance is significantly reduced.
Furthermore, our prefabricated modular building methodology provides you with an extremely energy effi cient building. We use an insulated metal panel system, which provides exterior sheeting, insulation, vapour barrier and interior sheeting all in one composite system. This provides a continuous air tight building envelope, without energy loss due to air gaps and thermal bridging.
Our building system provides the following advantages:

• Faster construction

• Reduced labour costs

• Increased energy effi ciency

• Less on-site waste

• Safer worksite

• Can contribute to LEED credits

We can custom design and fabricate your platforms, cat walks and other miscellaneous metal installations, as well as machinery, hydraulic systems and process control requirements.
The modular design of our prefabricated building system allows future expansion to your facilities to be easily integrated into the building envelope.



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