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Modular and Prefab Buildings

Retail Buildings

We provide our clients with a key competitive advantage by advancing their opening date by several weeks compared with traditional construction.

In most retail applications, we prefabricate the structural steel wall system in our facilities and transport to the work site for immediate on-site installation. The roof system is then added, which according to client needs, can be wood or steel. Then we install our insulated metal panel wall system. In a 3000 square foot building, these steps are accomplished in only fi ve days or less.
As our prefabricated wall system is modular by design, future additions to the space are much more economic than that of traditional construction methods.
Furthermore, as our interior sheeting, vapour barrier, insulation and exterior sheeting are all provided by the wall panels, the energy costs of the building are signifi cantly reduced as the insulation is installed in one continuous envelope without loss due to thermal bridging.
Our building system provides the following advantages:

• Faster construction

• Reduced labour costs

• Increased energy efficiency

• Less on-site waste

• Safer worksite

• Can contribute to LEED credits

We can custom design the fi nished look of your retail space by installing our custom designed corporate fascia panel systems, architectural panel systems and most other building materials.



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