Component Rebuild

When your equipment needs repair, you want it to be fi xed quick, done right, and built strong. We’re here to make sure that happens.
Our clients in the forestry, road building, and mining industries know that we’ve got their back when they need it most – day or night. The portable welding and machining services we offer will get you back into production while we come up with a plan to reduce your downtime.
The service technicians in our Industrial Sales division can recommend products that will keep rebuilds to a minimum. Replacing factory equipment with higher strength materials will make you both effi cient and productive – it’s our job to help you stay there.
Examples of component rebuild services offered:
• Hydraulic cylinder rebuild & testing
• Hydrostatic pump, motor & transmission repair
• Gearbox refurbishment
• Wear part refacing
• Hydraulic attachment mounting and installation
• Bucket relining and reinforcement
• Modernization of used equipment for processing lines
• Conveyor analysis and refurbishment
Not sure what your problems are? Drop your equipment in our yard or have us come to site to perform a needs assessment.



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